In Milan, go to small cafeand have a standing espresso-time for breakfast, have caffe normale or cappucino after lunch or dinner. Italian consumes coffee alot, despite no local plantation there. In Barcelona, have slow breakfast and also accompanied by coffee con leche (with milk) or just coffee (espresso) everywhere, except in tapas, you can find beer easier there:p

In Paris, cafe au lait is common to have for breakfast at home, always say cafe creme at the cafe if you mean coffee with milk. Or you can order cafe noisette- espresso with touch of milk if you can’t handle espresso. Except for morning hours, when you say cafe, that means espresso like coffee.

Especially in Paris, there are not so many staff at restaurants, so be patient for the waiter to get to you. At first, I thought that was impolite for them to make me wait for my carafe d’eau (water), even for mon addition (bill), but they don’t forget what you order. Don’t worry. And don’t get insulted, when they ask if we are able to finish up the meal order since the portion is big. I happened to fail eating up all the order (pauve saumon et salad nicoise) and had to explain it to the chef himself why, and had to assure him it was really delicious and told him I had more delicious pastries before so I couldn’t finish my meal….

In Barcelona or Madrid, even if you hungry, spare your time to see the menu del dia (menu of the day) first to compare the menu and prices. You can have paella, tapas and beer for 10 euro or you can pay paella, salad, tapas for 15 euro or more, that depends…. and it’s still polite to say no if you find it not appealing despite the nice front waiter standing outside already explain the menu in details. As polite asian, I felt it was insulting not to step in to the restaurant after what the waiter had explained to me about the variety of paella and tapas they had, and ended up to pay almost 20 euro for my meal. Lucky it was delicious, so i still recommend that to anyone else!

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