allez au musees!

I love first Sunday of the month. Not to shop ofcourse, since most shops are closed on Sunday ans some also closed on Monday. But it’s free-entry day to go ALL museums!

This Sunday, I decided to re-visit Musee de Louvre and Musee D’Orsay. Those are my fave museums so far in Paris. (and most important), especially D’Orsay, in which there are alot of impresionist paintings such as Paul Cezanne, Edgar Degas, Paul Signac, Van Gogh, Courbet (heart him), Renoir and many more. I also learned about pointillsm paintings here, and my fave is Edmond Cross.  Just heart the paintings!

In Louvre, since it’s very big (well you know, it was a palace…), twice revisit is not enough. I thought I had gone through all the wings, but turned out that I missed 2 wings! My gosh.  From the Romain/Greek arts, to Salle D’Apollon. So lucky I went from different entrance so I knew right away that I hadn’t been there before.

Well, it’s Sunday, it’s free, and it’s France.  Means, there’s always works/ongoing projects that closes some salles or rooms or exhibitions, in exchange, there will be another exposition/new stuff to display there. So chance to see the same thing always is…less than 70% I guess. Even some big paintings were being remodelled or renovated or changed places, like the Coronation of Napoleon, it changed places (I remembered to take my picture not in the same room), I guess the one that stayed the same place was La Joconde alias Monalisa, where the queue line was unbelievable.  Even Monalisa, it was not in that room 2 years ago.

The cold weather, free entrance museum, made it perfect for families – and tourists – to flock musee d’orsay also. It’s much smaller than Louvre, but it has huge collection on Impressionist paintings and I was in 20 minutes queue in the breeze outside the museum with hundreds of people.  Last time I was here, it was romantic and personal museum to me, I could just sit there in front of Degas paintings forever with no queue, but yesterday was like busy Sunday market at porte Clignancourt! I even had to queue for Van Gogh…olala. and again, there was big renovation so not collections were there, but luckily the paintings I wanted to see were all there.

If you want to benefit from this sunda-free-entrance-museum day, just be there really early in the morning, because many other people also think the same thing as you. Bring your sunglasses, it helps during the queue, bring your water or sandwich (to relax in some patios- it’s big can spend whole day – or you can just buy there), and bring camera to make a snapshots of stuff you like, favorite paintings (no flash ofcourse), or just snap some pics of the’s always funny to catch some feelow funny look tourists J


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