In Public : the do’s & the don’t’s

In winter time, people don’t mind you blowing your nose, even in subway or other public places. I had witnessed people in Austria, Germany, and Netherlands doing it without any hesitation, even saw a woman in little red dress blew her nose without any tissue or in other word – just blew it in the air… iyeeewww

Never..ever.ever cut your nails, especially have it manicured, pedicured, polished or anything! I did couple of times, first  on a train trip from Paris to Rotterdam and from Firenze to Roma. It was quite a long trip, especially the one from Paris to Rotterdam it was abut 4 hours while Firenze to Roma was only less than 2 hours.  Both trip I have people in front of me or besides me looked in amusement to see me manicuring my nails. One person even kept looking while was reading his newspaper. I thought they were amused for something else, I thought they thought I was cute.

Then I met friend in Breda later on (like three weeks after), and she said it was taboo thing in public. She said that cutting nails is something that you do in your private room and better in bathroom, not even in the living room.  Rite! And I thought I was cute at that time.

If you accidentally or also on purpose, step on other people’s feet, or bump into, or even hold the same stuff, just say ‘pardon’ in France. It’s very common, for anything.simply anything.  And don’t be taken aback, if you think you’re making mistakes, but you hear other person is saying ‘pardon’ to you. Just pardon-him/her back.

People in Italy, they love to chat. even if you don’t know each other. So nice to absorb some words of politeness or simple lines to say “I can’t understand what you are saying…” before you go. Or just nod your head and say “ah siii…bene???si….” I do that all the time.

…and alot more. will continue later…


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