geography class

Traveling, for me, it’s not only to open new horizons of things, cultures, meeting new people, make friends, connections, and making strategical yet tactical decision but also to learn geography.

– that Marocco is in Africa continent, not Asia, nor Europe

-Marocco is far, from Turkey. I found it when I check the airlines fare, and it costs alot. then I consulted the map. so the plan to hop from Greece-Turkey-Marocco is quite…unreasonable at limited time.

-Bordeaux is in southern part of France,but still not really close to Provence. There’s no way to have daily trip. True

-Geneve turns out to be not the capital city of Switzerland. It’s Bern. and Bern doesn’t have international airport…

-Chamonix, it’s in France, but it’s way much closer from Geneve, so daytrip is possible from there, not from Paris.

-Netherland and Germany might share almost the same roots of language, but Rotterdam-Berlin takes 6 hours by fast train

-same language doesn’t mean location proximity, it takes almost 10 hours by fast train from Berlin to Vienna! then I look again at the map. it is like spreading your palm on the map pointing Berlin at your thumb and Vienna at your pinkie

-That sometimes train fare represents the distance between one point to other point, I proved that in Italy. that made me re-routed some schedules around

…and many other facts that I knew along the way… i just love finding something new out, all the time!

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