solitude by Indian Ocean

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Mad, sad, but wanted to enjoy freedom. Hm. Quick getaway won’t hurt, eh? my fingers rapidly did it, and without knowing it, seems like I had booked myself a ticket to paradise, means BaliJ.  Mission is just seclude my self with good reads and cuddle with the waves with men slipped me endless cold mojito and martini just with finger snaps. I nestled at Benoa since I had no intention to go anywhere in the city, so resort by the beach looks perfect.

So there I was, me and my purple Longchamp suitcase –posed with style- in the front lobby, copied the ad who showcased exact setting – travel with style- and the suitcase proved itself and endured its first voyage in the sand, waiting my credit card approval on this dollar rate and printed, and voila. I was escorted into my big room. A room to meditate just for my self. Yumm.

Sunbathing, riding waves, swimming through, reading Hemingway accompanied by stand by bartender till sunset, and got involved in a phone call with an ex, and rendez-vous for dinner together.After nice local dinner, we rode to Ayana resort (used to be Ritz Carlton)  at Jimbaran Bay and headed ourselves to the steps down to the Rock Bar, literally bar by the rock. So cool.  Surrounded by great restaurants, from Indonesian, Western, Japanese restaurants you can start with, and have the nice drinks at the bar overlooking Indian ocean.

The open bar yet intimate place where the waiters there greeted you by the name (and they do remember your name, and your room!) with formal Indonesian greetings so formal that I had never heard before – thought it was solely translated from formal English – but it sounded nice though. Somehow I felt it was sincere greetings. And they were helpful in recommending the seat, especially when consulted the menu. I agreed with their suggestion – chicken popcorn as finger snacks and the skimming quickly on the varied lists of mocktails and cocktails. Hm. Bellini? Or another martini?. The fact that I was there with my ex, in the height where you can se the ocean beneath you, and already had mojito and lychee martini by the beach, i skipped cocktails and chose mocktails instead.

I was glad, to see the crowd who were not the –top notch-lookatme-iamsomebody- and whoareyou-jakartans-but they were instead laid back –with shorts-and casual sandals-crowds just to have nice drinks, talks, and fun.

Since i missed the sunset there, so I told the waiters there to reserve a seat for me for the next day. And I did go there. Having had a blast in the sea with the waves the whole day, I felt that i deserved to again swipe my credit card for a good cause. This time, I was there at 4.15 pm, and the waiters there again, greeted me by my long name, and they still remembered where I stayed at, and plus, they asked why my partner wasn’t accompanying me.  well, I have to remember not to bring different men here, otherwise rumor spreads over the ocean fast.

And with the recommended and reserved seat they had for me, the upper deck, situated right across the bar, I could indulge the breeze and seemed to embrace the full sunset just for me, chatting about the superb mango rice arborio vanilla pudding, share nachos, with other solo sunset seeker sitting beside me, laughed at people got the splatter of the high tide waves by the glass fence, while sipping the good wine.

Il dolci far niente. It’s easy for me, just need the sea, good food, good drinks, great crowds, and graceful sunset. And le soudain, toutes les bruits, ils font du silence. It is good to be impulsively lavish for a once in a while…


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