les Passages Parisiens

Used to be the place and routes for transporting commercial goods in the 19th century, Paris so far has not less than 150 Passages Couverts where they have already transformed into galleries, boutiques, café, second hand bookshops. If you have at least one day, spend it by walking down the beautiful streets that goes across from 2eme arrondissement to 9eme arrondissement. Some Passage are open for public and some are not, and before going there please note the opening hour for each place. Here are some passage couverts that I like, where I took a liberty to just walk slowly on a moody yet sunny and rainy day.

Passage Moliere : 157, rue saint martin/82 rue quincampoix 75002, it’s where they keep Théatrê Moliere and Maison de la poesie. Nice surroundings and so quite place, hidden behind the animated Rambuteau and  Centre de George Pompidou, where the crowd get to hang out.

Passage Panorama: 11 Bv. Montmartre/10 rue st.marc/38 rue vivienne/151 rue montmartre (Gallery Vivienne).  I like it better than Passage Moliere, it got restaurants and hip cafés, galleries, and you can find carte postale anciennes, and timbres anciennes (old stamps), and old letters.

Passage Juffroy : just across to Passage Panorama,  from bv. Montmartre,a lot of Epices store (spices),  bijouteries (jewelries), libraires (bookshops), Hotel Chopin, and Musee Grevin.

Passage Verdeau : a lot of boutiques and small shops from clothing, to everything, resto/cafés, libraires, and second hand shops, if you like Tintin, they sell only for 6 euros! Stroll across, you’d find Galerie Phantasm alias sex fantasy, where they displayed nude photos, nude paintings, all poses men (or women) could only imagine…

Passage Princesse : for children, its got Lego store and all knick knack toys for kids. So cute. So not me. :p

Keep walking to Place de Victoires, where it stood the

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statue of King Louis XIV with the horse in the middle of the place (la propre style de lui), you’d discover the beautiful Galerie Vivienne. Place de Victoires, as the axis of the place, and you’d see the streets are divided into six small streets, the elegant parts of Paris in its time, called the Grand Boulevards area. That area is located closely to Jardin de Palais Royal and also the old building of Bibliothéque Nationale de Français (before it moved to 13eme arrondissement) and next to Rue de Faubourg de Montmartre.

Galerie Vivienne, lies gracefully with aesthetical jardin and grass comes with the chic cafés. Next to it was Galerie Martine Moisan that featured grass arts and paintings.

Cross the path passing the area of l’elegance parisiennes, from Rue de Petit Champs, st. Agustin, Rue Casanova, Rue Capucines, and end up at Boulevard Madeleine if you’re not that tired. Mind you, you’d be walking around from 2eme arrondissement to 9eme arrondissement! But I can assure you, the fatigue will be swept aways when you suddenly see the sign of Galeries Lafayette to complete the old trade routes and finish at the modern trade that shares the same theme : SHOPPING.


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