tunes to tune in during 10 hour trip

I took a train from Berlin to Wien (Vienna) last winter, and the trip took about 10 hours! Didn’t know it would take such long time since I thought naively that Germany and Austria share the same language, so it must have close proximity also distance wise. Such a silly thought.

Despite being in first class compartment, it felt so lonely to see parade of snowy towns, snowy lakes, snowy forests by yourself with no counterparts along the journey. And the mood kept changing from excited (that I could stretch my leg and didn’t have to bother to ask permission),  serene feeling to see the snows covering everything, lonely (i kept talking to my own reflection!), happy (that I was liberated), sad and moody (suddenly missing everyone) to sleepy. (hey, that’s not a mood…). Anyway, what to do from sunshine to sunset time? the train felt creepy especially during sunset time, so I definitely needed some sort of distraction.

To boost my mood up and keep my self busy, I made a karaoke system in the compartment. Turn on the ipod, and sing out loud!

Here’s some of the tips.

– Always start by singing I gotta feeling by Black Eyed Peas, and back to back with The world is mine by David Guetta, or Empire State of Mind by Alicia Keys/Jay-Z.

-When feel funny and ironic, it’s good to sing The Show or Trouble is a Friend bt Lenka. Think it was my theme!

-You’d feel bit down in the 3rd hour, so please don’t sing Don’t sleep away by Daniel Sahuleka, or I Need To be in love by Carpenters, Chere Amie by Marxc Lavoine, nor Waiting in Vain by Annie Lennox, nor Masih Cinta by Kotak (I actually cried on this one)

The train turned out not to be very empty, and I got a neighbor in the next compartment who knocked on my door (and agitated). Then I showed up but sang these even louder :

-So Lonely by the Police and Cry me out by Pixie Loft

I guess message sent successfully. They knew i was such a loner who needed to sing and they left me alone.

Then boost the mood again with cheerie but not to stomping music like :

-Viva La Vida Loca by Coldplay, Digital Love by Daft Punk, With You by Chris Brown, Alcohol or Move by CSS, Fall in Love by Tortured Soul,  or Please Baby Don’t by John Legend and Sergio Mendes

and when the mood is quite settling right, you can get easier by :

-Juste Quelqu’un de bien by Enzo Enzo, American Boy by Estelle, Walking on Sunshine by Jese Patuel, Brighter than sunshine by Aqualung, Neri per caso songs, Sympathique by Pink Martini, You can’t hurry love by Phil Collins, or Dosvedanya Mio Bambino by Pink Martini, the Second One by Remy Shand, Corner of the Earth by Jamiroquai

And when your neighbors already took off in the next station, back on chair and look out of the window screaming these :

-in my memory by Tiesto, or Armijn van Buuren songs, Great DJ by theTing Tings, You took advantage of me by Megan Mullaly, We Didn’t Start the fire by Billy Joel.

If you get tired to select some single songs, I can recommend some albums to listen to entirely to suck up the hours in the train, such as :

-The J playlists : Jack Johnson, John Legend, John Meyer, Jason Mraz

-The M playlists : Michael Jackson, Madeline Peyroux, MYMP, Mamma Mia

-The Dancing playlists : Lost Fingers and Tortured Soul

-The Easy one : the Cardigan accoustic and Dave Matthews Band Live, or Rod Stewart

The list was actually longer. Should the mood be back to square one, you could re-play this on demand.



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