in love with pont des arts

Best things in life are free – so a song said, maybe it’s not entirely wrong. One of the best thing to do and free in Paris, is strolling along on the Pont or bridge that cross the Seine river. Paris has 37 bridges, consists of 3 which are pedestrians, 2 are rail bridges. # bridges link Île saint-louis to other parts in Paris, and 8 bridges link to Île de la cité, and one to link those 2 small islands.

Pont des arts, is the pedestrian bridge,is one of my favorite bridge to walk onto. it links the Institut de France and central square of Palais deLouvre. I think it’s also most touristy bridge yet, it’s so fun to have day or night passes there. Like its name, the bridge acts as studio en plein air for some artists like painters, and photographers (and also for the amateur like me) for it has splendid view of the Seine river, and after sunset, with the sparkling lights from the Eiffel Tower, or from the boat/ship crossing underneath, you can also catch some couples making out in the romantic night.

If you’re having a birthday and have no dime to spend to treat your friends, call them up here, and bring wine with baguette or sandwich (and chips), voila, simple birthday bash! if you’re lucky, there’s street singer too passing by to add up the ambience!

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Feel like having party for one? No problem, you can either sit reading a book there, or just lounge under the bridge overlooking Île de la cité, or just people watching from the street, screaming to crowds over the other island or cheering crowds on the ship! That usually happens during spring or summer where the young tourists flock there and make some noises.

“I am standing on the Pont des Arts in Paris. On the one side of the Seine is the harmonious, reasonable facade of the Institute of France, built as a college in about 1670. On the other bank is the Louvre, built continuously from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century: classical architecture at its most splendid and assured. Just visible upstream is the Cathedral of Notre Dame –not perhaps the most lovable of cathedrals, but the most rigorously intellectual façade in the whole of Gothic art. […]
What is civilisation? I do not know. I can’t define it in abstract terms –yet. But I think I can recognise it when I see it: and I am looking at it now.”

Kenneth Clark, Civilisation (1969).

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