Eat, talk, and talk (and talk and eat)

I don’t know why European, they just love talking. Not generalising all European, but turns out it confirms in almost 100% of my cases, especially if they’re Italian, Spanish, and French. Don’t get me wrong, I love talking, but sometimes I just can’t stop them on fire.  What I love also, the body language. Not only it helps me understand the local language (for the handsome guys, they’d better talk that way), but it animates the conversation.

Italian, no doubt, with the talking hands, are so famous in parole world. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to strangers, then don’t stand up drinking your coffee at the bar, otherwise you’d be stuck in the crowd discussing yesterday’s football scores or cursing Berlusconi. That happened to me many times and ofcourse, I had to agree to whatever they said, otherwise they would keep chasing you with PERQUE????? Well, why meeeeee?

I once had dinner with friend in Rome, and we both talked alot, like…alot. Then the old owner of the trattoria commented from the corner of the room, not loud but quite audible for us to hear, saying “don’t you guys ever stop talking, ever??? Eat!” ofcourse in Italian. And I replied “this is italy, and ..aren’t you even Italian?”  mamma mia! Then ofcourse we kept talking until the trattoria time was up.

Spanish, don’t ask, that’s why they have tapas bar everywhere, where you can munch the small plate of cold tapas (with olives or cheese), warm tapas, with variety of seafood, tomto based sauce, meatballs, etc, with a glass (or many) of cold beers or cold white wine, usually in the afternoon till before dinner. Even after dinner. Anytime. It’s rather odd not to chat in the tapas bar. I went to tapas bar by my self, and it wasn’t as easy to just hold still with no talking, so either i ended up talking with people beside me or with the servers/bartenders, and waved “Olaaaaa” too to people coming in.

French, think life is hard if they don’t have as many breaks. Coffee break, cigarette break, lunch break, another cigarette break, another coffee break, after hour coffee, dinner…and so on. Yes, they talk. What i like is the lunch break, they take it as serious as Indonesian, and as long as indonesian. Not because they have lunch at far points, or traffic jam, it’s because they talk alot during lunch. Try to stop one from talking, you’d prefer to be in Timbuktu just to hear the sea breeze and crying monkey. I mean, they just love talking.  Don’t you think their movie industry explains it all? But again, what I like sometimes, they can talk about just anything. I mean, anything.  If, again, the street is not jammed one way only.

Speaking about talking during eating, it’s way much different to Indonesian. They can just linger up in the table, eating, drinking, talking, for hours –like 3-4 hours. Usually it’s not a large group of lunch or dinner at restaurant or someone’s home. But Indonesian, we’re hardly sitting on the table to talk, I mean, not just talk about the food is good, how you cook it, where did you get the fork, it’s cute spoon, etc, and after dinner/lunch, and the group is moving to other room where TV is the best company. Once, one of my Dutch friend, was kinda stunned to have only less than 1 hour on the table, because his family used to gather at least 3 hours.

To me, have great meal and great conversation are a must, it’s one way of celebrating the food, celebrating the friendship, familial life, intimacy, and celebrating life. But hey, sometimes it depends also on the company, if she/he/they were nutter than crazy monkeys, then i’d prefer to shoot them all and eat alone in prison. Hahaa. Kidding. I love people, and I love food!


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