Please don’t stop the music!

Who doesn’t love music? It brings mood up, or console the lonely hearts,  friends for any occassion.

Parisiens, they can’t get off their baladeurs or earphone for maybe one minute, especially for metro commuters or bus riders. I once read in the journal “20 min”, that French are so dependent on their earphone that they’re going deaf!

Students, workers, moms, dads, grandpas, they stick with the earphone with them anywhere, the red, yellow, orange, green, mickey mouse, furry, even leather strap earplugs, sling well in their necks or slid in the bag, attached to their Ipod, Iphone, Mp3 players, or blackberry.  Well I must say, Iphone really rocks here, not only you can listen to music or play games when you’re bored, but it comes to handy when you need to locate a place with the interactive map, or find bus/metro line or to google something up. That makes me the blackberry user sometimes envy them!

Anyway, my Ipod, and my book, I can’t afford to leave them at home when I have to roll out. It kills time, brings the joy and spirit (especially when you miss the bus/metro/there’s grêve/manifestations/have a row with boyfriend/stressed out with tasks and chores), and it keeps the nosy people away. Just put them on, book flipped open, everyone will leave you and your world alone. Guaranteed.


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