last party in Ibiza

Years ago, I watched a documentary about Pete Tong, one of my fave DJ, who went deaf after years of living by the speakers. (I was grateful I don’t grow deaf too listening to his works, btw). it was the time of his life, how the drugs dragged him down and how he made the comeback, all set in Ibiza, one of Balearic Island in Spain, just right in the mediterranean sea.  That, and my deepest desire to see DJ Tiesto playing as resident in Privilege, one of the biggest club in the world, brought me fly to Ibiza.

I was determined to end my dancing queen days there. I mean, to me, and probably to other hard core party goers, find Ibiza is like Mecca for clubbers.  Blame me for exaggerating, I don’t mind:p. I made plans, and it kept failing since year 2004, and I blamed my old bosses for causing that disaster from occurring again and again.

in year 2008, I even dreamt of Ibiza first rather than getting married. Well.  A vow I should never regret.

some friends were excited to go to, but you know, at the end of the day, I realized, it was my own trip, so I ended up flying on  the jet plane by myself, while also hoping to see my old flame there (which I didn’t, too bad) and ended my party days in glory and gracefully (uh-huh!).

And like other pilgrims go to their Ka’bah, I also almost wept when I set foot at the airport and saw this….


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