party hard, drink harder, and…..hardest

Wanna party in Ibiza? Check out the calendar first. All the feast happens in the summer, remember…so it’s not all year long party. They do have winter too there..:p Usually some clubs already warm up in Mid May, but the big ones will start up in early June, and will be fired up in July, packed by August, and chilled by mid September. You can check online

my plan was just to lay low in Cafe Del Mar till sunset, chill out with Hedkandi,Pete Tong then see Tiesto. Not too ambitious right…and the rest, just see what might happen there. Thing is, too many clubs, too many DJ’s, too many crowds to come with. So better not limit yourself, otherwise you lose all the fun!

Did I make my plans? YES. except for my first reason : pete tong. couldn’t make it since he was scheduled after my departure:-(( But for Tiesto, it was the 3rd time I saw him playing, and felt brand new everytime. 3 days full of fun, partied like there was no tomorrow. Discobus was ready to take the hungry clubbers (literally…we stopped by to buy snacks first before entering clubs, to keep the stomach full before drinking hard – cool, eh) club hopping – from Pacha, Eden, Amnesia (Armijn Van Buuren usually resident there), and ofcourse Privilege. the last night I club-hopping, I made friends with bunch of Liverpool twenties gang in the rain while waiting Amnesia open the gate. And ended up dragging the 5 of them back to the bus 2 hours later, to club-hop to next clubs! what happened after Tiesto? I had to dragged 3 of them (I lost the other 2) to taxi queue, and I just smashed the backseat afterwards and said goodbye to Discobus!

Too bad no evidence of those calamities…all our cameras were taken by the bouncers, and I had to crawl back reminiscing where I left last time. I don’t have any idea if those kiddos cameras were re-claimed. Didn’t see them again after that night…

As much as I hated it the bouncer didn’t allow guest to take pics, but it was really fun and fine to dance without having to bring anything at all!

PS : took care of the kiddos in the twenties,  can be a short cut to sobriety. well, should anything happen as consequences…just remember, what happened in Ibiza, stay in Ibiza. (unless you carry it 9 months later…). All friends who had been there in my ‘bad times’ during ‘those times’, I owed you big time!


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