Sunset in Cafe del Mar

Cafe del Mar, a bar with ambiante and sunset, and surely a great music, in San Antony de Portmany, Ibiza. I wanted to be able to have the sunset there by walking distance, so I deliberately stayed at Gran Sol Hotel, situated 5 minutes walking from Cafe del Mar and other cafe/bars strips along the coast, and my balcony at the 3rd floor was facing the same sea as Cafe del Mar.


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The place itself is nice to sit back and relax, unwind, enjoying the crowds, drinking beer, or mojito,  and watching the sun set with the Cafe del Mar music, before you headed to the hard core clubs at late night. Sitting there alone at the terrace, and drank my drinks was not really dreadful. You can exchange glares with the servers, chat with people at other tables (asking for the cigarette, lighter, or talking about weather – if you happen to meet Brits – which are aloooot), or watching the asian girls busy with their cameras with every single angle available, or see bunch of colorful-skirted girls, or chat with people handing over you some free tickets  or invitation to clubs (not everyone is offered invitation, you know..!), see the hotties (with their hotties hahaha), a bunch of party boys and girls on disco boats just in front of us, and sighed hard  when the clouds hovered the sun but then cheered and screamed when the sun is back with the crowds, and clapped hard when it set just perfectly on one beautiful Summer Night in July…..

Money can’t buy happiness. To me, i was grateful money could buy me that kind of happiness…..


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