Rotterdam museum

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For museum lovers, Rotterdam offers many places, like museumpark, harbour museum, dutch photo museum, maritime museum, wareldmuseum-world museum, Kunsthal, dan Boijmans van beuningen.

My fave are boijmans and Kunsthal. Featuring Rotterdam old art, decorative art, Print room and modern art, Boijmans entrance was decorated in Dali style by John Kormeling  and Kunsthal, located only next to it.

Don’t forget, museums are closed on Monday. Lucky me, with Indah’s museumkaart, I could enter all museums, not only in Rotterdam, for free! 🙂

in Boijsman, the garderobe Carrousel or the cloakroom  caught our attention. revolving hanger placed in the height, and we can have the key for free once we pay the entrance (8 euro), pick one hanger, unlock the gridlock and voila, it lowers the hanger, lock, and your coat is safely hung there along with other coats/jackets.

One interesting exhibition when we were there was “Ten to One”, involving 10 Beijing tailors. It’s a photo project, where 10 people were taken pictures and stitched together to form 100 people and synchronized scenes. For as the wardrobes, it took 100 Beijing tailors to dress up those “100” people. Looked simple, but not a simple one, I know.


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