sun in Jardin du Luxembourg

Temperature is still low but the sun is up! what’s best to do than enjoying the warmth, mingle with other citizens (and maybe some tourists) in the park?

I just love lying down, or reading, sleeping, or just hanging on the free chaise scattered there, feeding the canards in the pond, joining other faceless parisiens in the middle of the day, or late afternoon (sometimes I wonder, do these people have better thing to do? – then i ask my self the same question) (answer is no), in this productive yet so warm and sunny day.

This picture is taken at Jardin du Luxembourg, just 5 minute-walking from Place de la Sorbonne, or 7 min walking from musée de Cluny, or longer walking from Place de st. Michel (depends on how much time you spend passing by the shops. the shoes shops).  This jardin is big, maybe bigger than jardin de Tuileries, which I also like, but some say that Pere Lachaise cemetery is far bigger (well, I don’t call it park, though…). Broke, but still want to hang out cheap, pack out your stuff, le pain and nutella, and have a picnic here! don’t worry, there are ice cream vendors out there too…!

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