il faut cultiver notre jardin!

il faut cultiver notre jardin! – Voltaire

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Not that I love cultivating plants, but yes, i do love colorful flowers (just to see them), but what Voltaire said meant more than that. Literally means “let’s cultivate our garden”, but in spirit refers to hard work, and consistent hard work, that in the end it will yield the way you want it to be (or not), a garden. Like Roma isn’t built overnight, right, so isn’t the garden. (sic!)

an ex showed me this place “Jardin des plantes” once, like 2 years ago, when we passed over it one lovely afternoon and said “it’s huge garden, and beautiful, we should date there sometimes”. well, it never happened.

I almost forgot about it, if I hadn’t seen it over and over through Seine river, or passed over with my bus, happened to be just 5 minute walking from Sorbonne Nouvelle, school I applied to the year after. It was in the middle of the day and I got frustrated for missing the professor I was supposed to meet, and when I walked to the bus shelter I passed the entrance, and i walked in.

This botanical garden, is true, huge, 28 hectare-area, includes 4 museums :Grande Galerie de l’Évolution, the Mineralogy Museum, the Paleontology Museum and the Entomology Museum, hosts more than 4500 plants, also some non-french native plants.

I got here without thinking so i enjoyed its beauty out of normal thoughts too. Couples, runners, students, the elderly, tourists, sleepers, moms with kids, biologists, photographers, all mixed here and entitled to breathe the freshness of the little forest in the city.

Interested to lose some weight? here’s the place. Start from the entrance in Censier-entrance, and try to find your way up to Quai de la Rapee exit. Or if you can’t locate it, just run around the hill, and lose your exit, since it’s huge. I warn you, huge. …


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