Shakespeare and company

Into books, and like to find English book in Paris? Come to Shakespeare and Company, located just across Notre Dame in Central Paris, right in the latin quartier, where the intellectuals used to hang out back then.

This place was opened by George Whitman in 1951 as bookstore, and before, way back in 1920, same bookstore name was established formerly at Rue l’Odeon,  i was told that that place was where the writers used to gather, like William S.Burroughs, Ezra Pound, and  Ernest Hemingway.The collection was so vast that Hemingway wrote in his book The Moveable Feast.

In the current Shakespeare and Company bookstore near place st.michel, you can look up to the 2nd floor,  i was told that was the place where Ernest Hemingway once wrote  there’s the room where- people said- he slept and typed in the second floor. Not only you can buy new and used books here, but you can also sell during weekdays (not on weekend), attend some events (book reading, book signing, workshops).

well, sometimes I just got tired reading some french lits and livre de poche, so instead of going to FNAC, this place is my other destination besides Monalisait, french used books-bookstore. Go there at 3 or 3.30 and kinda hoping to see live  Ethan Hawke reunites with Julie Delpy like in the movie Before Sunset…or just  see Ethan Hawke himself is okay….:p

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2 thoughts on “Shakespeare and company

  1. I went there when I was in Paris and I was thrilled! There is something so cool about how it caters to the “starving artist.”

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