nothing such a free toilet on la fête nationale

commemorating  la fête nationale – just like independence day of France Republic every 14 july. People would flock to Eiffel Tower since in the afternoon and don’t expect to get ‘great seats’ if you come there by evening.

These pictures were taken on 14 July 2009 during 120th year celebration of Eiffel Tower.

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My friends and I, we gathered by Arc de Triomphe and marched ourselves to Champs de Mars and settled there. We enjoyed Johnny Halliday (yes, he’s still alive and singing), dancing, and crowd watching of course.

Fireworks started at 21h, and lasted for less than 30 minutes only, and every year it features different artworks – different lighting works and different fireworks! I watch fireworks several times and still screamed like a child, to see la dame de fer was wrapped with blast, mix of surprise and fear -place where we stood seemed to be really close to fire!

You can imagine the chaos afterwards. Countless people, and honking cars trying to get out of the area (it was like mass parking along the streets!), and everyone drank, partied scattered to Trocadero, Pont d’Alma – and public toilets were all occupied. We wanted to pee and got rejected to enter a cafe because only customers could use the toilet and we couldn’t be customers since it was already packed! my friend almost made a scene by taking off her pants in front of the bouncer but luckily I managed to pull her out to find another cafe to pee in. well – always prepare your euros to pay – nothing such a free toilet in Paris!:p

Chaos didn’t stop there, we got hungry and it wasn’t easy to find an open store (Jakarta is way better for that!) at midnight, not to mention we have to wait for the metro and RER to operate. So again, the same crowd queueing at Place d’etoile and Champs Elysees – waiting for our transport for…an hour.

So…tired (didn’t I tell you I just got back to town after summering in Ibiza and Barcelona in the morning?), hungry, survive from holding up peeing, long hour for the metro, and cold wind (even in summer!). Still, it’s something you can’t miss if you happen to be in Paris in July!

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