flamenco, ola!

What is Spain?

-The Men






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Those are lists to do in Spain, and of course I didn’t want to miss during my visit in summer 2009. From Gaudi everywhere in Barcelona, getting robbed in Madrid, partying in Ibiza island, down to southern part passing Seville and ended up in Granada to whisper salam to Alhambra..and of course cold sangria while watching Flamenco in Albaycin area!

I’ve seen flamenco once before, more to Seville style, and watching the one in Granada brought more intense feeling to me. Hard stomping feet, the guitar, the singing..

we got scolded by an old mother dancer – who seemed to be the pack leader – for recording the dance. well, I snooped a bit though *grin*.

The excitement was not only the show, but we also watched it in a cave! there are some flamenco shows in the city, but I chose this traditional one, with big influence of Moorish era and located in Albaycin hill, 30 minute drive from city centre, and you can see the Granada city and Alhambra lying there beneath. Awesome show, awesome crowd, awesome view! Mesmerized and hypnotized, couldn’t get my eyes off them, swirl, spin in flamenco dress and carried away by sad then upbeat rhytm and almost forgot our sangria….


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