Champagne tasting at Champagne-Ardenne

What’s best to do during summer when it’s hot, apart of going to the beach? Perhaps something bubbly would help the throat?

I went to Reims, one of the city in Champagne-Ardenne province and then headed to Epernay, THE place for all big brand of vineyards of Champagne.

If you go there directly from Paris, it only takes you less than 2 hours to get there. I don’t have European driver’s license, so I was happy enough to depend on the bus.

Among the many names, I visited the Cave (cellar) Mercier, one of the big brands (well, if you get used to Dom Perginon, or other Rothschild brands, perhaps you’d never hear this one), founded in the year of 1858. The cellar visit costs vary, but I took the cheapest one, 16 euros (weekend price), with the tour and tasting of one flute of champagne included.


The tour began with  slow elevator journey – 30 meter deep down, to join the cellar. And the little train was there to bring us to the 18 km lane across. I didn’t make any research before on how it was gonna be, so I dressed light – summer ish tranparent blouse with short. And it was 10 degrees down in the cellar. Luckily I support cold better than heat, so 10 degrees celcius for half hour was…almost nothing. So make sure you have appropriate jacket or at least cardigan to cover you during the visit :-))


After around 30 minute cellar visit, we were brought back again to the surface with the same elevator, to the champagne tasting. I got to taste Brut rosé. I don’t usually fancy champagne, but this tasted ok to me, rather light, and great for aperitif time. Got to ask around to get some knowledge to know the champagne types and the what mix of grapes they were, before I went outside to see the vineyards…

It was quite refreshing, to see all the grapes, and not to mention, I rather satisfied my thirsty buds, and having a bottle to taste at home! :-))

Till next tasting! and till next weekend trip!

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