Château Thierry, where the war was at

My bus that took me to Reims, stopped at Château Thierry (Thierry castle), a name of a French town and also the name of the castle. Located in the Aisne, region Picardie and Champagne province, this place was the birth place of Jean de la Fontaine (French poet in the year of 1600 something before Victor Hugo), and also where the First battle of Marne (Fist world war) and Second battle of Marne took place. And way before that, it was the place where it had important battle : battle of Château Thierry in 1814 (between Napoleon wars between France and Prussia).

Only 1.5 hour trip from Paris, nowadays the castle is no longer in tact, but the ramparts are still standing still. I climbed up to the top of the castle, had a stroll the the rose nursery, and had a peaceful seat overlooking the town and the tower on my feet, and for once, felt like I was reigning… :-))

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