Oyster in the southern france

Having had a food poisoning back then, in the first year when i arrived in Paris, was quite a tormenting  stomach experience. I just loved seafood, and turns out that you can’t have all year long fresh seafood in the capital, and have to be selective in choosing the place. I was told that, to be sure, we could have the fresh seafood in the months end with -er : october, november, december…and january I guess. Being in the middle of the country with no direct access to the sea, makes Paris is not a place to have oysters, fish, whenever you want.

So when i went to the southern France, I had two goals ; beach and seafood.

I went to Sète, the town by the port, and a plate of 6 fresh oysters  and white wine was only 4-4,5 euros and 6 euros for prawns. You can imagine how lucky I felt! For comparison , the same plate in Paris at least costs 11 euros!

I went to almost all places possible to have the oysters : the Hall of Sète (the market), the port, near the ‘à la criée’ or the fish market.

Accompanied always with white wine, I continued gulping the oysters down my throat, and could finish 2-3 plates …a day. If you are on cholesterol diet….don’t copy me :-)))DSC_3012DSC_3007



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