Line of trust

This line looks like any other line, but turns out it serves for something.


When I went to oyster producer village in La Teste de Buch, the southern shore of Arcachon (south western part of France), I took the local shuttle bus from Arcachon train station. The bus runs on certain schedule and you can get the time table on internet or on the spot.

The thing is I couldn’t get to understand the schedule and waiting place to get back to the train station. I asked the bus driver once I hopped on, and he just pointed direction to the line. Yes, that line.

He said “You see the blue line? Just follow the direction, and you can wait for me or other shuttle driver along this line. Just wave, and we’ll stop”. He didn’t even say if there’s such a fix schedule, what time exactly he would get back to the same spot. And he said “Just see the departure schedule from the train station, usually it takes 15-20 minutes to get here again”. that reminds me a circular little train inside the mall for the children!

So when I wanted to go back to the train station, I stood up by the blue line and helplessly waiting. The shuttle was late by 15 min and I started to get on my nerves and was thinking of heading back to the Arcachon station by walking. My google map was not working (it kept failing me all the time, don’t know why) so I just waved to everyone I saw on the street. Unlike in the big city like Paris where everyone tries not to look at other people, I was able to stop some people, including 2 old ladies having a stroll, 1 trucker, and one biker. They couldn’t get me a lift, but everyone accompanied me by chatting while waiting for the bus! :-))

Finally the bus came (after 25 minute late)(can’t blame them, it’s summer, everyone has the right to drag a bit), I waved cheerily and hoppppp…..back on the bus!:-)

Not only it is a circular train line, but it’s a line of trust !! :-))


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