L’Observatoire Sainte Cécile : my acrophobia conquer test

I have fear of heights but also a person who loves to see 360 degree view from above, a little annoying paradox, I know.

Failed to climb the Lighthouse Tower in Cap Ferret due to long line, I went to the other high point (belvédère) of Arcachon, L’observatoire Sainte Cécile. As cute as the name, the way to get here is as beautiful, passing the Winter House compound (with the gorgeous big houses and gardens), and crossing the passerelle (bridge) of Saint Paul.

The 25 meter high, this metal structure made to observe the whole city and the bay, designed by Paul Régnauld in 1863. When I got there, there were already people up there, and since it could have only 8 people at the same time, I waited patiently downstairs while praying and re-assuring myself if I really wanted to do it.

I saw a father going down the stairs,  holding up his crying little girl, who apparently was afraid of heights. And the mother waited downstairs, cheering them up.

What the heck. I’m going! – I thought.

Started to go up on the narrow and winding stairs, and I had some other people behind me. It was a solid metal structure like Eiffel Tower, but the ramp cables that hung up connecting the stairs to which we held onto, swayed a bit. I held my breath, trying not to look down, just to look up and silently hoped that people below me would stop climbing.

But when i got up there, I was welcomed by breathtaking view! The top was too small (thus it could only have 8 people), and I was too scared to move and take 360 degree pictures from all sides, so I dared only to stay facing the bay.

10 minute later, the other fear came after. Going down! :-)))

(me, who was acrophobic, was there. So can you!)



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