Strolling in Parisian garden: Albert Kahn

I don’t know why some Parisians like to complain that they can’t breathe well in the city and always think that this metropole needs more open space. Yet, there are a lot of gardens, parks, and squares (not to mention le bois – somekind of forest – but not a forest;p), and Paris could count on its 500 ha of them.

If you find Jardin Luxembourg, or Jardin Tuileries are flocked by too many tourists, try Albert Kahn garden, in Boulogne-Billancourt, situated outside Paris intra muros, just on the western tip of the capital. This garden is easily accessible with public transportation, where you can take the métro, line 10 direction Boulogne – Pont St. Cloud, stop at the final destination. There are some bus lines and trams as well deserting the stop, but I do recommend take the métro since the street sign is easily readable with station map that you can find in any metro stations.

I visited the garden in last summer, brought my own snacks and had a secret picnic at the little hills along the little pond, climbed up to the point where you could see the others admiring the koi fishes. This place made me feel like being back home looking at the japanese garden, along with its iconic red bridge. The japanese garden is complete with the winter chalet and its toilet (it was being renovated during my visit), and by following through the path to back, you’d find yourself in the beautiful flowers nursery and its greenhouse. Perfect place for the lovers, to read books, to catch up with your grandma, or just as instagrammable spot :-))


The whole complex actually comprises the museum and the garden, but the museum was being renovated when I made the visit. Please do check some information on their website here before getting there, just in case there are some changes in visiting hours, fees or other particularities.

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