Where to go near Paris : Château Chantilly

If you’re bored of Paris (OMG, how could you), and want to explore somewhere else nearby, there are some places within 1-2 hour drive from the capital.

I don’t drive in France (no driver’s license yet), so I go wherever that’s accessible by public transportation, and Château Chantilly has a pretty easy access for someone like me.

I read the booklet that we could take RER D train to Chantilly-Gouvieux, and I was happy since RER tickets are covered in my monthly train pass. But when I got to Gare de Lyon, they said that the line didn’t serve that stop anymore (well, it was summer, maybe there’s an exception?). So I took the train from Gare du Nord to Chantilly-Gouvieux (and paid like 7 euros or something like that), and got to Chantilly domain in less than 30 minutes.

People said that there was a shuttle bus to go directly to the castle, or you could just walk (for 25 minutes) but it was a plain summer and very hot, so I decided to share a taxi and hoppp, I got to go in 6 minutes later!

The castle that used to belong to Montmorency family dated back in the 1484 and changed several owners since, until it was acquired by Institut de France (state).  Not only the castle has big horse stable (and they have equestrian show from time to time) and humongous garden (designed by André Lenotre – the one who designed Versailles garden), but also is a living art galleries with its paintings, sculptures and the most beautiful book library ever…..

After a long walk inside the castle and garden, maybe you could stop by at the little café to have the ‘chantilly’ aka whipped cream in french, or just having a scoop of cantilien ice cream!



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