Traveling near Paris : champagne cellar

This is my second time to Champagne Ardenne, to visit champagne cellar. The first time it was at Mercier cellar, now I got a chance to visit the no.1 champagne producer in France – Moët & Chandon.

With more than 1000 hectares of vineyards in Epernay,  and has 28 km of underground cellars, it’s something that worth visiting and knowing the history, right.

Different to my first visit at Mercier that guided the visit with little train inside the cellar and equipped with audio guide, the visit at Moët & Chandon costs a bit more expensive but accompanied by a guide along the walking tour 10 meter down the ground.

We spent almost 45 minutes walking through the bottle aging racks, passing the place where they put the most aged bottle and learned about the cellar bricks, brut vs non brut,  imperial champagne (which was named after the Napoleon Bonaparte), and many more in interactive way. Not bad. I think in terms of knowledge, I learned more here than in the other cellar.

Too bad that the visit to the garden, and the little castle is solely for the ones who are in private visit. We don’t even have the rights to visit the vineyards… Too bad! Thank God I visited other house vineyards before, and since this time I came with private car, we could just stop by at any vineyards to smell the leaves (the grapes are not coming out yet) and had lunch there. But if you come to the house by train (there’s a direct train from Paris, and the house is within waling distance from the station), you must visit other house to be able to go to the vineyards….

Anyway, it was a stylish way to spend summer weather, not only in countryside, but also in the best champagne house, and of course, while sipping the best champagne….



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