Oh La La, what a show !

My friend works at a hotel and gets a lot of performance’s invitation and usually we take that opportunity to enjoy some great shows across the city in different theatres. This time, it’s at Alhambra theatre, to see Oh la la, a combination of dance, bit of a circus and sexy girls and sexy boys show.

Using some gimmicks, like the host encrusted among the audience line up in front of the gate (I knew it from the way she dressed up – in the heat of 32 degrees, someone wearing fish net stocking with trench looked suspicious), the sexy dancers wearing masks walking up and forth among the seated audience inside the theater, and the encrusted ‘host’ who made a mess with some audiences by taking up their numbered seats, the show itself was quite enjoyable and fresh to see.

From circus act (but sexier and more sensual), to a black out stage with dancers spraying glow in the dark colorful paints, what I loved the most from the performance was the live music (complete with the band) and sexy and Lorde sound like singer, that added up the freshness and the sexiness of the stage scene.

Thanks for the free ticket, it made my Thursday night!

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