Visiting Maison Louis Vuitton

I don’t have Louis Vuitton bag, but I’ve been to the first house of the Louis Vuitton family. Situated in the outskirts of Paris, in Asnieres sur Seine, the Maison is accessible with public transport (metro line 13).

From outside it looks like usual house, with no visible guardians, but once inside, you will need to justify yourself – at that time it was based on invitation. In the big building adjacent to what looks like an private atelier (complete with the atelier windows that I like), we were all there to discover the history of the house, the family, and the brand itself. The private guide told us the old history while showing us some of the important first collections of Louis Vuitton – including the gorgeous trunks. I just love those trunks and care less about other bags and apparels that were shown in the showroom.

After a not too short parcours of history, we got to finally saw the inside of the house. too bad the weather was not too good, so they wouldn’t allow us to get to the nice garden. but we got to see the dining room and the function room though!

I came there with the hope to see the inside of the atelier, but too bad, we didn’t get even close to it. I think all the premium brands wouldn’t allow us see how it’s made, I mean, in the natural habitat of the maker – not only to see just one stitching part like the one that I saw at Dior’s.

Anyway, the house is not always open for public, but if you go there, you won’t get lost. It’s so famous, that  you can’t possibly miss Rue Louis Vuitton!:p


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