Things to do in Paris: Fragonard Perfume Museum

Paris is the city for all kinds, and if you know the nice place that doesn’t cost much, and sometimes is free – this is the city for you.

Apart from the free entry public museums, you can also try something new, like learning about perfume – and perfume smelling!

There are two perfume museums in Paris and I went to Fragonard museum around Opera area. The tour is completely free, and you can reserve the schedule with preferred language you want for the guide. I chose French guide, since the group with english speaking guide was always full. I could opt for indonesian speaking guide too, but the schedule didn’t really match.

It was like the private guided tour for me and my friend since it was only both of us and 1 guide, and the museum during our schedule was quite empty! Great šŸ™‚

Divided in several rooms and historical parts, from the general perfume making, the scent, the fragrance notes, to how it’s made. Then we moved to more like Fragonard perfume story in Grasse (where it’s from), the old packaging bottles, the historical packaging, to trying to smelling the fragrance notes ourselves. It was fun, it reminds me of wine tasting or coffee cupping thing, where you have to express the individual scent. I think the habit of smelling fruits and flowers in the market is quite useful in training my nose!

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By the end of the fragrance smelling part, the funny yet ressourceful guide let us browse some perfume and we could get a special price for the perfume essence. I know it’s the sales part of the brand, but it was a nice thing to do surfing the perfume I like after the whole learning experience!


I don’t recommend this experience for too small kids, but perhaps those above 10 years old could appreciate it šŸ™‚

So what is your favorite scents?



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