c’est moi

love the high heels, and always try to smuggle one every time I travel. love the food, and act adventurous and curious in new places for local delicacies (thanks God, I don’t have spoiled stomach – except for some local liquors). love to read, from good books, shopping catalogues, and have guilty pleasures in reading even tacky chickflicks. love to dance, was once a Balinese dancer myself, enjoy swings, latin, jazz , hip-hop to trance, but now a retired both from stage and disco dance floors. love the music, I can tap my feet while sing along, and latest seen in karaoke scene, as aspiring indonesian idol. love the beach, I travel half mediterannean sea to regain my youth and try to look like greek goddess at its glorious time. love the beach, I can just stare the blue-green-red sea in silence and very independent on its own when soaking in the waves. love sun sets, I can’t just help seeing the beauty of the the changing of the day from daylight to romantic night. love city lights, living in lucid and vivid city, just to see the glares of neon flash already excites me. love to fly, it symbolizes the new place, new experience. love to travel, my feet don’t seem to keep up to the same ground, always want to walk, run, fly and that’s why I make this blog!

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