Drinks at Odeon Theatre terrace

34 degrees and ice cream or cold rosé, are definitely a pair! If you want to have some drinks and don’t want to look like touristy in the 6th arrondissement (district), you can opt going to the terrace of Odeon Theater. Not only you could have rather cheap lunch inside but you could have a reasonable drink price at the terrace. Its definitely my place … Continue reading Drinks at Odeon Theatre terrace

Arcachon: Oyster by the bay

Living in Paris, winter and christmas period mark the best oyster’s period! But if you live in the South, or the South western part, you could have the fresh seafood anytime anywhere and not as expensive than the ones in the capital. Since I didn’t have much time searching for the Oyster producer village at the bay and in Cap Ferret during my summer stay … Continue reading Arcachon: Oyster by the bay

It’s always eating time somewhere….

It’s winter and it’s always time to eat and drink in Strasbourg! My favorite part of travel is to taste the local delicacies, and I couldn’t help snacking bretzels when I arrived to the christmas market. The vendor proposed me if I’d like to taste a bit of Kougelhopf, and it was impolite to say no, right. I ended up munching a slice of it, … Continue reading It’s always eating time somewhere….

Oyster in the southern france

Having had a food poisoning back then, in the first year when i arrived in Paris, was quite a tormenting  stomach experience. I just loved seafood, and turns out that you can’t have all year long fresh seafood in the capital, and have to be selective in choosing the place. I was told that, to be sure, we could have the fresh seafood in the … Continue reading Oyster in the southern france

Rose biscuits??

When in Reims, don’t forget to buy this biscuits. The color is pink, thus, called biscuits rose in french. Originated from Reims, in the year of 1600 something, the maker baked the cake twice. bis-cuit – means cooked twice in french. Crunchy and rather sweet (not too, to my taste), this biscuits should be dipped in liquid to bring out its flavor : in coffee, … Continue reading Rose biscuits??

To the beach!!!

I just love Montpellier. I think it has everything you need : the old city, the good seafood, the sun, the heat…and the beaches! There are quite a list of beaches to go to, but for first timer in the city without car, I could depend on the shuttle bus from the terminal tram station – Pérols étang de l’or. There you can have several … Continue reading To the beach!!!

Foodrinks in Bordeaux

The sun is always inviting. And they say that it’s always sunny in Philadelphia, and also in Bordeaux! so, with the promo ticket – buy one for two (me and cheap ticket…:p), me and my friend Violetta decided to visit the city, to have a coffee break.

Left at dawn (earlier than 8 am is always dawn to me) – around 6h45 from Gare Montparnasse, and we passed the 3.5 hour trip on the train sleeping. Woke up to vineyards view was thrilling (and made me thirsty), and we arrived safely at Gare Bordeaux St. Jean at snacking time.

It wasn’t really a discovering holiday, but really was just a coffee break outside Paris. We decided to have quick late lunch, and we found PHO, an asian restaurant at rue Pas Saint Georges, near the intersection strip of cafés of Place Camille Jullian. The Chicken caramel, chicken pop corn and pho, were not bad, and they have it in XL portion as well with 2 euros more. Not bad!

The sun was bright, despite the cloud here and there, but the cold wind struck us. The city centre is nice, but the breeze is not, especially when we’re not prepared for the autumn clothes since it’s already spring!

However, I managed to wear my new sunglasses, and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee at Place Camille Jullian, with the view of typical buildings, and beautiful people passing.  Continue reading “Foodrinks in Bordeaux”

Lille – North Unexpected

What’s best than a great exhibition, an impulsive friend and a cheap ticket?

One day, me and my friend Sishi were hanging out and I talked about the Amadeo Modigliani that took place at Lille Art Modern Museum (of course in Lille). I’m currently off work and she doesn’t work too, so we spontaneously looked at bus website – Ouibus, and booked the ticket, without having really calculated how much it was.

Turned out that it was a very good deal, which costed us only 10 euros per person, return trip! Hoorah!!

So, in the middle of spring time, we hopped on the bus (which is well situated, not far from my home), and off to Lille, in the morning and return in the evening (7 am and 7 pm). the trip itself is only 3 hours, so there’s quite time to chat and sleep 🙂

Since the main attraction was only the museum (which was situated outside Lille city, Villeneuve d’Ascq), so we didn’t really look up what to do or see in Lille.

I was kinda underestimating the city. I know that Lille is quite big city in the northern part of France, but not that big. I assumed that the north towns are that cold – the place and the people. Turned out…not really!

We arrived just before lunch time, on a rainy rainy day.

Didn’t know where to head, we followed our instinct where to find the good restaurant, then old town, and head directly to the museum. That’s the plan.

As impetuous the ticket buying plan, both of us didn’t want to be as stuck to a strict plan. But first, we noted the transport plan to go to Villeneuve d’Ascq.  Continue reading “Lille – North Unexpected”

la boqueria

Tempat yang gak boleh dilewatkan di Barcelona, apalagi ketika lewat La Rambla, yaitu Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria alias La Boqueria  – adalah sebuah pasar yang isinya ya kayak pasar biasa, dari daging, seafood, bumbu dapur, buah, bunga (banyak banget tukang bunga disini, juga di sepanjang La Rambla), dan juga di dalam nya ada beberapa kafe kecil tempat sarapan yang selalu rame.  Berhubung … Continue reading la boqueria