Visiting Maison Louis Vuitton

I don’t have Louis Vuitton bag, but I’ve been to the first house of the Louis Vuitton family. Situated in the outskirts of Paris, in Asnieres sur Seine, the Maison is accessible with public transport (metro line 13). From outside it looks like usual house, with no visible guardians, but once inside, you will need to justify yourself – at that time it was based … Continue reading Visiting Maison Louis Vuitton

Wine course in Bordeaux (of course)

I couldn’t get better time to visit Bordeaux, it was a full week of heatwave. It wasn’t easy to stroll in the street under 38-40 degrees despite the charm of the rive gauche city centre. I was equipped with long sleeve linen shirt, linen short, my wide hat, a bottle of water, evian face spray, and sun block cream. Still it was highly recommended (even by … Continue reading Wine course in Bordeaux (of course)

Napoleon’s tombs

L’Hôtel national des Invalides, or just say Les Invalides, refers to museum, monument honoring the wounded, the heroes of war. It houses also the Musée de l’Armée, the military museum of the Army of France, the Musée des Plans-Reliefs, and the Musée d’Histoire Contemporaine, and most notably, lies beneath the cupola, is the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821). Some of his family members and military officers are also buried … Continue reading Napoleon’s tombs

Rotterdam museum

For museum lovers, Rotterdam offers many places, like museumpark, harbour museum, dutch photo museum, maritime museum, wareldmuseum-world museum, Kunsthal, dan Boijmans van beuningen. My fave are boijmans and Kunsthal. Featuring Rotterdam old art, decorative art, Print room and modern art, Boijmans entrance was decorated in Dali style by John Kormeling  and Kunsthal, located only next to it. Don’t forget, museums are closed on Monday. Lucky … Continue reading Rotterdam museum

Rotterdam : walk of fame

Yang gue suka dari Rotterdam adalah kota nya nggak terlalu besar, easy to navigate, kemana-mana dekat, tram ada (tetep penuh kalo jam-jam sibuk), metro ada, bus ada, semua dengan jadwal pasti, nggak terlalu banyak mobil, jadi gampang nyebrang – tapi mesti hati-hati sama sepeda, mereka ngebut! Cuaca sedang nggak asik, tapi mau mampir ke Maritime Museum, dan gue sok jalan kaki untuk menghangatkan badan. Walhasil … Continue reading Rotterdam : walk of fame

les Passages Parisiens

Used to be the place and routes for transporting commercial goods in the 19th century, Paris so far has not less than 150 Passages Couverts where they have already transformed into galleries, boutiques, café, second hand bookshops. If you have at least one day, spend it by walking down the beautiful streets that goes across from 2eme arrondissement to 9eme arrondissement. Some Passage are open for public and some are not, and before going there please note the opening hour for each place. Here are some passage couverts that I like, where I took a liberty to just walk slowly on a moody yet sunny and rainy day.

Passage Moliere : 157, rue saint martin/82 rue quincampoix 75002, it’s where they keep Théatrê Moliere and Maison de la poesie. Nice surroundings and so quite place, hidden behind the animated Rambuteau and  Centre de George Pompidou, where the crowd get to hang out.

Passage Panorama: 11 Bv. Montmartre/10 rue st.marc/38 rue vivienne/151 rue montmartre (Gallery Vivienne).  I like it better than Passage Moliere, it got restaurants and hip cafés, galleries, and you can find carte postale anciennes, and timbres anciennes (old stamps), and old letters.

Passage Juffroy : just across to Passage Panorama,  from bv. Montmartre,a lot of Epices store (spices),  bijouteries (jewelries), libraires (bookshops), Hotel Chopin, and Musee Grevin.

Passage Verdeau : a lot of boutiques and small shops from clothing, to everything, resto/cafés, libraires, and second hand shops, if you like Tintin, they sell only for 6 euros! Stroll across, you’d find Galerie Phantasm alias sex fantasy, where they displayed nude photos, nude paintings, all poses men (or women) could only imagine…

Passage Princesse : for children, its got Lego store and all knick knack toys for kids. So cute. So not me. :p

Keep walking to Place de Victoires, where it stood the

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statue of King Louis XIV with the horse in the middle of the place (la propre style de lui), you’d discover the beautiful Galerie Vivienne. Continue reading “les Passages Parisiens”

bonjour Geneve!

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Berhubung apartemen temen yang gue tumpangi ini ada di St. Genis – yang merupakan perbatasan Prancis dan Swiss – pagi-pagi sebelum ke centre nya Geneve gue sempatkan dulu untuk ‘orientasi’ di daerah sekitar. Kota kecil, yang mengingatkan ke Neully Plaisance di outskirtnya Paris.

Karena toko roti belum buka, jaid gue langsung menuju centre Geneve yang bisa dicapai dalam waktu kurang dari 30 menit, dan sudah sampai di Cornavin lagi. Mau foto-foto sama patung Tintin dan Snowy yang dipajang di kaca hotel, tapi ternyata susah juga motret objek yang tertutup kaca tanpa pantulan cahaya dari mana-mana.

Acara dimulai dengan Haryo nemenin gue ke tourism office, yang untungnya cukup helpful dan bisa bahasa Inggris – lagi males pake bahasa Prancis. Sukses beli tiket untuk ke Chamonix besok! Dengan tour harga tiket Geneve-Chamonix PP itu 108 CHF, terus kalau disana mau naik Mer De Glace, nambah 60 CHF dan kalau mau naik ke Mont Blanc nambah lagi 80 CHF. Untuk sementara gue beli tiket bus nya aja dulu, dan gue memilih untuk ikut tour daripada berangkat sendiri karena hanya beda 20CHF aja.

Langsung bayar, gesek kartu kredit…hoaaaah ..sedihnyaa…. Tapi gak papa, demi the best ski resort!

Selesai sedih karena habis gesek kartu kredit, langsung jalan ke Lac Leman, melintasi jembatan, dan melihat landmark kota Geneve – Jet d’eau alias jet water. Continue reading “bonjour Geneve!”

Amor Roma : love the bunkbed

Love today…! Not only that I survived made bed on upper bunkbed, and managed to get down (i jumped to other side of the bed, since the stairs moved from my side to that side), and my french roomates are checking out, so i can move to lower bunk bed! So happy already in the morning! This, must be good start of everything!

Bangun jam 7.30 karena mereka packing, tapi bagus deh jadi pagi bisa langsung sarapan di living room, for 3 euros, buffet, quite nice! And receptionist helped me reserve a ticket at Galleria Borghese. Ternyata beneran kata Andrea kemarin, mesti booking untuk masuk ke situ. Gue aja ngeyel.  Dari 2 option, jam 1 pm dan 5 pm, tentu gue memilih jam 1 pm dong biar gak kesorean. Jadi 12.30 gue harus kesana untuk pick up ticket., ooh thanks guys!

Then off to Vatican city, and to Basilica st.pietro…magnificent..! gak bosen gue memotret disitu. Terus liat antrian masuk basilica gila bener..tapi kok sayang ya kalo gue gak masuk..akhirnya gue antri. Dan ternyata gak lama karena line nya banyak. Great. Terus tadinya mau naik ke cupola, tapi bayar 7 euro untuk pake lift dan tetep harus manjat 381 tangga! Sedangkan bayar 5 euro untuk 581 tangga. Continue reading “Amor Roma : love the bunkbed”