Line of trust

This line looks like any other line, but turns out it serves for something. When I went to oyster producer village in La Teste de Buch, the southern shore of Arcachon (south western part of France), I took the local shuttle bus from Arcachon train station. The bus runs on certain schedule and you can get the time table on internet or on the spot. The thing … Continue reading Line of trust

Miroir d’eau, Bordeaux

It’s always practical and fresher near water when it’s hot. Bordeaux has a way to freshen people up, and notably to cheer the kids up! Go to miroir d’eau or water mirror, the largest reflecting pool,  just in front of Place de la Bourse, facing up the quay.  It’s only lit up during summer (at least when it’s hot already). Once the water spray/atomizer turned … Continue reading Miroir d’eau, Bordeaux

Sète (fake) baywatcher..

I know Sète from one of my team at the office, who used to study in Montpellier. He said that I should go there if I love the port, fishing village and stuff. OMG. I adore them! The port and fishing village always excite me. I was once told that I was a bohemian and used to live by the mediterranean sea and my house was not far from the port, where I transport coffee (hence explains my deep interest of sea, port, style and coffee…).

There are two ways to go to Sète from Montpellier, by train (intercity train, costs only around 8 euros one way, around 30 min trip), or by bus. But the bus is rather far, I had to reach the bus station from the other way of the tram line. And my rental apartment was only 5 min walking from the main train station, so I think that was the easiest way.

I got the early train ticket (and surprisingly I was early for the train, that never occurred to me:p), but the thing is there was fire accident at Lunèl, one city that is in my train line (direction Bordeaux), so everything was postponed…..and after 3 hour of waiting frustration, the train was canceled.

This was quite the first time I got early and bought the ticket just to be efficient. Had I been late or last minute as usual, I’d know that the train got held up and I wouldn’t have bought the ticket and bought the bus ticket right away….

Bref. Under the 36 degree heat,  I rushed to the tram line 2 from Place de la Comédie to Sabines, and there I waited for another hour for the bus to come…And finally, the bus number 102 that costed only 1,6 euros came and hopppppp, I was on the way and one hour later I arrived by the port of Sète! Yayyyyyy

My reflex was always go to the tourism office to get information on how to get around, and how to get to the beach. The information was not too sufficient, Continue reading “Sète (fake) baywatcher..”

Dikejar Dracula di La Rambla

La Rambla ini memang jalanan paling hip se Barcelona, apalagi buat backpacker cekak kayak gue ini. Dari hostel-hostel murah 18 Euro semalam, sampai hotel-hotel berbintang seperti Le Meridien juga ada. Dari restoran keren sampe makanan kaki lima juga banyak. Kenapa gue memutuskan tinggal di sini adalah karena banyak hostel backpacker (sebagai anggota hostelling international, gak mau rugi!), banyak makanan murah, dan dekat kemana-mana. Ke metro … Continue reading Dikejar Dracula di La Rambla

Le fabuleux montmartre

Amélie still seeks solitude. She amuses herself with silly questions about the world below, such as “How many people are having an orgasm right now?” (taken from Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain. I, too took the same sight and view, and began to wonder. What’s the man like? what’s the girl’s like? where did they meet? Do they like the same movie? Do they share the … Continue reading Le fabuleux montmartre

ojek neng?

Gue keukeuh kemana-mana dengan berjalan kaki atau naik kendaraan umum. Bener-bener banget nggak mau naik sepeda biarpun keleleran dimana-mana. Maklum, sering banget nggak seimbang alias sering nyungsep. Untung gue nggak ada niyat maling sepeda, kalo  nggak deretan sepeda ini udah menggugah banget….   Dan untungnya selama disini nggak pernah buru-buru, kemana-mana deket dan bisa dicapai dengan jalan kaki, jadi nggak bakal stress sibuk mau taksi … Continue reading ojek neng?

Bike back-rider (nggak sejago kamen rider)

Sepeda,  merupakan salah satu alat transportasi utama di Belanda. Istilahnya, siapa yang bersepeda, adalah dia yang beruntung! hahaha. Selain ada jalur sepeda, peraturan lalu lintas pun sudah jelas, jadi nggak usah takut bersepeda disini.   Pemandangan umum : 1.ibu-ibu yang bersepeda dengan anaknya di keranjang depan, atau duduk di belakang, dengan belanjaan, dan tas selempang. 2. Mas-mas atau mbak-mbak atau tante atau oom dengan sepeda, … Continue reading Bike back-rider (nggak sejago kamen rider)