Half day in Cap Ferret

I went to Dune de Pilat during summer, and when I was on top of the hill, I could see Cap Ferret, the headland that separates the Atlantic Ocean from Arcachon Bay. All I know about Cap Ferret was minimum, but I know there’s a famous lighthouse to climb there, some nice beaches, and oyster farms village. So I went back from Dune de Pilat to … Continue reading Half day in Cap Ferret

Sète (fake) baywatcher..

I know Sète from one of my team at the office, who used to study in Montpellier. He said that I should go there if I love the port, fishing village and stuff. OMG. I adore them! The port and fishing village always excite me. I was once told that I was a bohemian and used to live by the mediterranean sea and my house was not far from the port, where I transport coffee (hence explains my deep interest of sea, port, style and coffee…).

There are two ways to go to Sète from Montpellier, by train (intercity train, costs only around 8 euros one way, around 30 min trip), or by bus. But the bus is rather far, I had to reach the bus station from the other way of the tram line. And my rental apartment was only 5 min walking from the main train station, so I think that was the easiest way.

I got the early train ticket (and surprisingly I was early for the train, that never occurred to me:p), but the thing is there was fire accident at Lunèl, one city that is in my train line (direction Bordeaux), so everything was postponed…..and after 3 hour of waiting frustration, the train was canceled.

This was quite the first time I got early and bought the ticket just to be efficient. Had I been late or last minute as usual, I’d know that the train got held up and I wouldn’t have bought the ticket and bought the bus ticket right away….

Bref. Under the 36 degree heat,  I rushed to the tram line 2 from Place de la Comédie to Sabines, and there I waited for another hour for the bus to come…And finally, the bus number 102 that costed only 1,6 euros came and hopppppp, I was on the way and one hour later I arrived by the port of Sète! Yayyyyyy

My reflex was always go to the tourism office to get information on how to get around, and how to get to the beach. The information was not too sufficient, Continue reading “Sète (fake) baywatcher..”

To the beach!!!

I just love Montpellier. I think it has everything you need : the old city, the good seafood, the sun, the heat…and the beaches! There are quite a list of beaches to go to, but for first timer in the city without car, I could depend on the shuttle bus from the terminal tram station – Pérols étang de l’or. There you can have several … Continue reading To the beach!!!

Tidung Island. what a hidden gems. Underneath the sofa dumps.

Intention on having to blow out  birthday candles and drink up v**** by the sea – but not too far from Jakarta – brought me to Tidung island, one of the so called 1000 islands in Northern Jakarta bay. Leaving the Muara Angke port, also a large and prominent fish market in North Jakarta and took the traditional boat cramped by more than 90 people (my quick count was about 100) by 6 am, and by 6.30 the motorboat started the engine and we began the journey across northern up, and prepared ourselves with anti-seasick pill. No seat ticket included in this Rp 33,000 ticket (in-fact, no seat! Haha), so you are free to just mark your territory, either by putting up your bag or just sit on it! My friends and I had a row with hippi-youngsters-they think they own the boat-group when we happen to sit on one of the spot – where they put the luggage – and no man was there. But hey. The roofdeck is free to sit on too, if you don’t mind the waves and the sunburn…

Sea of garbage

The sea journey was not really that thrilling when we faced up the piles of garbages, trashes in the sea, right there, on the way to those islands. I could see unilever products and other household products floating with no shame as if it was meant to be sea avant garde nouvelle deco and got sick of the all coca cola, fanta, pepsi cap bottles (and the bottles) raced among the other trashes.   Continue reading “Tidung Island. what a hidden gems. Underneath the sofa dumps.”

maya beach!

Setelah ngerasa “ketipu” dan pastinya “kurang banget, kita booked agent lagi untuk excursion ke Maya Beach, kali ini namanya “sunset at Maya”. Masing-masing bayar kira-kira 500 baht, setelah adegan tawar-tawaran yang cukup alot. Sudah dipastikan bawah excursion ini bukan hanya ngeliat Maya dari jauh, tapi juga mampir dan menikmati sunset disana. Catatannya, asal gak hujan!

Kita berangkat jam 4.30 sore, disertai hujan gerimis mengundang (mengundang flu), dan dingin di kapal karena angin. Gak papa, yang penting ke Maya! Di kapal yang isinya mungkin Cuma 20 orang itu ada segerobolan anak muda dari China yang kayaknya takut banget kena hujan, karena kebetulan bikin dressnya putih keren gitu, lengkap dengan make up dan topi lebar. Oh well…jangan-jangan di kesini mau pre-wed photo aja kali ya…sibuk jerit-jerit pas kena air hujan…akhirnya karena tengsin, temen-temennya ngungsiin dia ke deck atas ke deck bawah. And all the bule (plus us) Cuma senyum-senyum aja.maaak…ini laut kali ya…pasti ntar juga kena basah.

Agak kuatir juga, kalau hujan terus lanjut, gimana sunset nya yah. Tapi pas kita sampe di snorkling point, dan turun dengan kanoe dan ngayuh sendiri ke pantai – matahari pun bersinar! Yihaaa! Dan kita pun sampe di tempat yang dicita-citakan! stories

phi-phi, party on!

Karena banyak banget turis bule (pas kita dateng itu kayaknya mayoritas adalah inggris, jerman, Prancis), ada banyak juga Japanese dan Chinese, gak heran kalo Phi-phi ini jadi party island. Full moon party yang terkenal itu juga pasti ada disini, pastinya pas full moon ya. Pre-full moon party pun bejibun, dan di spanjang jalan lo pasti akan liat flyers/pamflet yang isinya announcement party dan setelah jam … Continue reading phi-phi, party on!