party hard, drink harder, and…..hardest

Wanna party in Ibiza? Check out the calendar first. All the feast happens in the summer, remember…so it’s not all year long party. They do have winter too there..:p Usually some clubs already warm up in Mid May, but the big ones will start up in early June, and will be fired up in July, packed by August, and chilled by mid September. You can … Continue reading party hard, drink harder, and…..hardest

Amor Roma : love the bunkbed

Love today…! Not only that I survived made bed on upper bunkbed, and managed to get down (i jumped to other side of the bed, since the stairs moved from my side to that side), and my french roomates are checking out, so i can move to lower bunk bed! So happy already in the morning! This, must be good start of everything!

Bangun jam 7.30 karena mereka packing, tapi bagus deh jadi pagi bisa langsung sarapan di living room, for 3 euros, buffet, quite nice! And receptionist helped me reserve a ticket at Galleria Borghese. Ternyata beneran kata Andrea kemarin, mesti booking untuk masuk ke situ. Gue aja ngeyel.  Dari 2 option, jam 1 pm dan 5 pm, tentu gue memilih jam 1 pm dong biar gak kesorean. Jadi 12.30 gue harus kesana untuk pick up ticket., ooh thanks guys!

Then off to Vatican city, and to Basilica st.pietro…magnificent..! gak bosen gue memotret disitu. Terus liat antrian masuk basilica gila bener..tapi kok sayang ya kalo gue gak masuk..akhirnya gue antri. Dan ternyata gak lama karena line nya banyak. Great. Terus tadinya mau naik ke cupola, tapi bayar 7 euro untuk pake lift dan tetep harus manjat 381 tangga! Sedangkan bayar 5 euro untuk 581 tangga. Continue reading “Amor Roma : love the bunkbed”