It’s always eating time somewhere….

It’s winter and it’s always time to eat and drink in Strasbourg! My favorite part of travel is to taste the local delicacies, and I couldn’t help snacking bretzels when I arrived to the christmas market. The vendor proposed me if I’d like to taste a bit of Kougelhopf, and it was impolite to say no, right. I ended up munching a slice of it, … Continue reading It’s always eating time somewhere….

Strasbourg, the capital of Christmas

Celebrating this year’s Christmas, I remember that I haven’t posted anything from Strasbourg, France,  way back in 2012. Strasbourg held the very first edition of the oldest Christmas market in Europe, back in 1570, called “Christkindelsmärik” or market of infant Jesus. Since then, the city continues the tradition and became the Capital of Christmas, with its dozens of kilometers of Xmas Lights and decorations, 300 … Continue reading Strasbourg, the capital of Christmas

Rose biscuits??

When in Reims, don’t forget to buy this biscuits. The color is pink, thus, called biscuits rose in french. Originated from Reims, in the year of 1600 something, the maker baked the cake twice. bis-cuit – means cooked twice in french. Crunchy and rather sweet (not too, to my taste), this biscuits should be dipped in liquid to bring out its flavor : in coffee, … Continue reading Rose biscuits??

Lille – North Unexpected

What’s best than a great exhibition, an impulsive friend and a cheap ticket?

One day, me and my friend Sishi were hanging out and I talked about the Amadeo Modigliani that took place at Lille Art Modern Museum (of course in Lille). I’m currently off work and she doesn’t work too, so we spontaneously looked at bus website – Ouibus, and booked the ticket, without having really calculated how much it was.

Turned out that it was a very good deal, which costed us only 10 euros per person, return trip! Hoorah!!

So, in the middle of spring time, we hopped on the bus (which is well situated, not far from my home), and off to Lille, in the morning and return in the evening (7 am and 7 pm). the trip itself is only 3 hours, so there’s quite time to chat and sleep 🙂

Since the main attraction was only the museum (which was situated outside Lille city, Villeneuve d’Ascq), so we didn’t really look up what to do or see in Lille.

I was kinda underestimating the city. I know that Lille is quite big city in the northern part of France, but not that big. I assumed that the north towns are that cold – the place and the people. Turned out…not really!

We arrived just before lunch time, on a rainy rainy day.

Didn’t know where to head, we followed our instinct where to find the good restaurant, then old town, and head directly to the museum. That’s the plan.

As impetuous the ticket buying plan, both of us didn’t want to be as stuck to a strict plan. But first, we noted the transport plan to go to Villeneuve d’Ascq.  Continue reading “Lille – North Unexpected”

Eat, talk, and talk (and talk and eat)

I don’t know why European, they just love talking. Not generalising all European, but turns out it confirms in almost 100% of my cases, especially if they’re Italian, Spanish, and French. Don’t get me wrong, I love talking, but sometimes I just can’t stop them on fire.  What I love also, the body language. Not only it helps me understand the local language (for the handsome guys, they’d better talk that way), but it animates the conversation.

Italian, no doubt, with the talking hands, are so famous in parole world. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to strangers, then don’t stand up drinking your coffee at the bar, otherwise you’d be stuck in the crowd discussing yesterday’s football scores or cursing Berlusconi. That happened to me many times and ofcourse, I had to agree to whatever they said, otherwise they would keep chasing you with PERQUE????? Well, why meeeeee?

I once had dinner with friend in Rome, and we both talked alot, like…alot. Then the old owner of the trattoria commented from the corner Continue reading “Eat, talk, and talk (and talk and eat)”

Amor Roma

11.45 sampe di Roma Termini, dan langsung ke Biglietti.beli ticket ke Santa Maria Ligure dan Milan sekaligus beli tiket bus untuk 2 hari, seharga 8,1 euro aja. Kalo saja gue akan di Roma 3 hari full, ada option pass-paket yang lebih murah, 11 euros.

Terus laper, beli sandwich dan cari hotel.gue itu dekat banget dengan Termini Station, cuma 7 menit geret koper harusnya. Tentunya…kalo gak nyasar gak gue banget kan. Jadi dalam keadaan kesal karena gak nemu hotel, kehujanan pula. Jadi bad feeling nih.  Pas ketemu hostel MJ ini, gue harus gendong koper ke lantai 1 untuk ke receptionist, dan meninggalkan luggage karena belum jam nya check in. Sungguh berharap dapat kamar di lantai 1, karena gak ada lift!

Mau ganti outfit dan sepatu tapi kok ribet ya, jadi gue memutuskan untuk langsung hit the town, dan bergerak ke Museo Vaticani yang ada di sebelah vatican city. All day looong hujan. Untung payung selalu menemani. Naik metro ke Ottaviano, sempet salah arah, untung bisa langsung turun dan puter badan dan puter arah. Gak kayak metro di paris yang muter arahnya mesti naik tangga dulu.

Metro di Roma  hanya ada 2 line aja, jadi gak cover whole cities actually, tapi untuk di centre aja sih lumayan (lumayan padat maksudnya).  Sampe di museo, bayar 15 euro (mahal!), dan untung gak pake antri panjang.

Museo Vaticani, awalnya di tahun 1500 an, adalah tempat sculptures yang dikoleksi oleh Paus Julius II. Continue reading “Amor Roma”

Thailand Saga : Bangkok, Dangerous

Setelah pemesanan tiket yang melelahkan TUJUH (7) bulan sebelumnya, sampailah trio kwek-kwek ini ke Thailand, sebelum nantinya pindah-pindah ke negara-negara Indochine lainnya. As planned, we were in Thailand for 10 days, starting with Bangkok, Phuket, island hopping to Phi-Phi Island, and Krabi. We wanted it as easygoing kinda trip, manage to make it to several attractions, but also at least could unpack and spread the … Continue reading Thailand Saga : Bangkok, Dangerous