In Public : the do’s & the don’t’s

In winter time, people don’t mind you blowing your nose, even in subway or other public places. I had witnessed people in Austria, Germany, and Netherlands doing it without any hesitation, even saw a woman in little red dress blew her nose without any tissue or in other word – just blew it in the air… iyeeewww Never..ever.ever cut your nails, especially have it manicured, … Continue reading In Public : the do’s & the don’t’s


In Milan, go to small cafeand have a standing espresso-time for breakfast, have caffe normale or cappucino after lunch or dinner. Italian consumes coffee alot, despite no local plantation there. In Barcelona, have slow breakfast and also accompanied by coffee con leche (with milk) or just coffee (espresso) everywhere, except in tapas, you can find beer easier there:p In Paris, cafe au lait is common to … Continue reading pardon!