party hard, drink harder, and…..hardest

Wanna party in Ibiza? Check out the calendar first. All the feast happens in the summer, remember…so it’s not all year long party. They do have winter too there..:p Usually some clubs already warm up in Mid May, but the big ones will start up in early June, and will be fired up in July, packed by August, and chilled by mid September. You can … Continue reading party hard, drink harder, and…..hardest

Les Français, ils savent comment se manifester!

French, not only they like to talk (and sometimes very hard to stop they talking), and love to debate (there’s no such thing as win-win solution, if I win, that means you lose dude),  they master l’art de vivre and that sometimes means : as much as I love my work, I like having coffee more!  I don’t like something, then I will protest. As the freedom is speech is protected under the law, you can see in the streets, groups of people protesting of something. Almost everyday.

The government plan to reform the retirement age plan from 60 to 62 (minimum), surely it doesn’t go in line with what people like and want. In the new reformed plan, Government tries to save some euros in order to save national deficit and thus make people have to work longer and those workers will have their pension fund when they get 67.

This, provoked people’s rage, and workers and trade unions, Continue reading “Les Français, ils savent comment se manifester!”

phi-phi, party on!

Karena banyak banget turis bule (pas kita dateng itu kayaknya mayoritas adalah inggris, jerman, Prancis), ada banyak juga Japanese dan Chinese, gak heran kalo Phi-phi ini jadi party island. Full moon party yang terkenal itu juga pasti ada disini, pastinya pas full moon ya. Pre-full moon party pun bejibun, dan di spanjang jalan lo pasti akan liat flyers/pamflet yang isinya announcement party dan setelah jam … Continue reading phi-phi, party on!