Château Thierry, where the war was at

My bus that took me to Reims, stopped at Château Thierry (Thierry castle), a name of a French town and also the name of the castle. Located in the Aisne, region Picardie and Champagne province, this place was the birth place of Jean de la Fontaine (French poet in the year of 1600 something before Victor Hugo), and also where the First battle of Marne … Continue reading Château Thierry, where the war was at

Reims and its cathedral and basilica

Reims is a city in France’s Champagne-Ardenne region. It was founded by the Gauls, but its 3rd-century Porte de Mars triumphal arch marks its later Roman conquest. It’s the unofficial capital of the Champagne wine-growing region, and many of the houses headquartered there offer tastings and cellar tours. For more than 1,000 years, French kings were crowned at its Cathédrale Notre Dame (wikipedia). This gothic … Continue reading Reims and its cathedral and basilica

Champagne tasting at Champagne-Ardenne

What’s best to do during summer when it’s hot, apart of going to the beach? Perhaps something bubbly would help the throat?

I went to Reims, one of the city in Champagne-Ardenne province and then headed to Epernay, THE place for all big brand of vineyards of Champagne.

If you go there directly from Paris, it only takes you less than 2 hours to get there. I don’t have European driver’s license, so I was happy enough to depend on the bus.

Among the many names, I visited the Cave (cellar) Mercier, one of the big brands (well, if you get used to Dom Perginon, or other Rothschild brands, perhaps you’d never hear this one), founded in the year of 1858. Continue reading “Champagne tasting at Champagne-Ardenne”