Santorini Island, Greece

I went to Santorini in summer 2008, and like Mediterranean places, weather was so unbelievably hot. Lucky me for have been living in Indonesia, tropical country with temperature around 27-33 celcius degrees and high level of humidity. Still I didn’t cope well with the heat, despite the sunblock all over my wet face and body, and so not ready for 36 degrees.. bit better than … Continue reading Santorini Island, Greece

I left my heart in Santorini

I watched the top 10 beaches in the world in Discovery Travel and Living while ago , and Greek beaches were ones of them, I set heart to go there sometimes. And here comes the days..!! hooraayyy…!!! The trip was planned 2 months ago, my friend Caca came along too. So this is actually final destination of the whole trip. Santorini is one of the … Continue reading I left my heart in Santorini