Line of trust

This line looks like any other line, but turns out it serves for something. When I went to oyster producer village in La Teste de Buch, the southern shore of Arcachon (south western part of France), I took the local shuttle bus from Arcachon train station. The bus runs on certain schedule and you can get the time table on internet or on the spot. The thing … Continue reading Line of trust

party hard, drink harder, and…..hardest

Wanna party in Ibiza? Check out the calendar first. All the feast happens in the summer, remember…so it’s not all year long party. They do have winter too there..:p Usually some clubs already warm up in Mid May, but the big ones will start up in early June, and will be fired up in July, packed by August, and chilled by mid September. You can … Continue reading party hard, drink harder, and…..hardest