Arcachon: Oyster by the bay

Living in Paris, winter and christmas period mark the best oyster’s period! But if you live in the South, or the South western part, you could have the fresh seafood anytime anywhere and not as expensive than the ones in the capital. Since I didn’t have much time searching for the Oyster producer village at the bay and in Cap Ferret during my summer stay … Continue reading Arcachon: Oyster by the bay

Oyster in the southern france

Having had a food poisoning back then, in the first year when i arrived in Paris, was quite a tormenting  stomach experience. I just loved seafood, and turns out that you can’t have all year long fresh seafood in the capital, and have to be selective in choosing the place. I was told that, to be sure, we could have the fresh seafood in the … Continue reading Oyster in the southern france

Water jousting in Sète

Touched down to Sète, in last year’s summer in Montpellier, and suddenly I was in the crowd of people by the port. out of curiosity, I joined them yelling, without knowing what or who to yell at. And I saw this. Water jousting festival! Water jousting is a Languedoc tradition dating from the eighteenth century: the first jousting competitions took place in several Languedoc villages: … Continue reading Water jousting in Sète

Rose biscuits??

When in Reims, don’t forget to buy this biscuits. The color is pink, thus, called biscuits rose in french. Originated from Reims, in the year of 1600 something, the maker baked the cake twice. bis-cuit – means cooked twice in french. Crunchy and rather sweet (not too, to my taste), this biscuits should be dipped in liquid to bring out its flavor : in coffee, … Continue reading Rose biscuits??